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  • Genre: Drama
  • Date: 2004-10-03
  • Vote: TV-14
  • Episodes: 180

Description :

Welcome to Wisteria Lane, home to housewives Susan, Bree, Lynette and Gabrielle (Gaby to all). All seems well until the suicide of friend Mary Alice, who narrates the darkly comedic series from beyond the grave. Despite the tragedy, the housewives cope with jobs, tweak relationships, seek romantic attention…you know, life. Love’s tangled web flies down the lane. Bree grapples with widowhood as she unwittingly dates the man who killed her husband. Some face big choices: Lynette returns to work and Gaby plans to have a baby. But all plans have snags. Lynette’s husband welcomes his previously unknown child and her mom, Gaby divorces Carlos and hooks up with the mayor, and Bree’s new husband, Orson, has an odd tie to a dead body. Susan and Edie vie over new neighbor Mike; when he gets amnesia, Edie tries to push Susan aside. Everything changes when a store shooting leaves two neighbors dead. Eyebrows raise as enigmatic Katherine returns after 12 years. Two new marriages take split paths: Gaby cheats with ex Carlos, and Susan and Mike expect a baby. As Lynette faces cancer, Bree fakes pregnancy to pass off her daughter’s illegitimate child as her own. What’s more, a devastating tornado looms. Flash forward five years. Susan’s a single mom and Mike’s dating Katherine. Edie’s new hubby Dave plots against Mike, and she dies just after learning his plan. Bree’s career booms, but she’s in a bad marriage and her daughter returns to claim her young son. Gaby struggles with, well, everything. Katherine loses Mike to Susan, has a breakdown, and decides to experiment with her sexuality. Meanwhile, Susan’s ex Karl and Bree have an affair, and Karl hires a plane with a “marry me” banner. But the plane crashes into a building where Bree, Karl and Orson are, killing Karl. After all, this is Wisteria Lane. Life stirs up when beautiful Renee moves to the lane, and Gaby and Carlos are shocked by a personal discovery. While Susan copes with money problems and a life-threatening event, a shooting has everyone on edge. When Carlos kills Gaby’s cruel stepfather, the housewives help in the cover-up. Innocent Bree stands trial for murder, but is acquitted when kind Mrs. McClusky, dying of cancer, confesses to protect her and Carlos. After Mike is shot while protecting Renee, Susan struggles with his death, the cover-up and her daughter’s pregnancy. Through all the drama, the world's most famous housewives are bound together by the friendship they share…and the secrets they keep.

Tous les épisodes de Desperate Housewives, The Complete Series en streaming

1 Season 1, Espiode 1: Desperate Housewive 43:46 Voir
2 Season 1, Espiode 2: Ah, But Underneath 43:20 Voir
3 Season 1, Espiode 3: Pretty Little Pictu 43:51 Voir
4 Season 1, Espiode 4: Who's That Woman 43:47 Voir
5 Season 1, Espiode 5: Come In, Stranger 43:45 Voir
6 Season 1, Espiode 6: Running to Stand St 43:45 Voir
7 Season 1, Espiode 7: Anything You Can Do 43:45 Voir
8 Season 1, Espiode 8: Guilty 43:45 Voir
9 Season 1, Espiode 9: Suspicious Minds 43:45 Voir
10 Season 1, Espiode 10: Come Back to Me 43:45 Voir
11 Season 1, Espiode 11: Move On 43:45 Voir
12 Season 1, Espiode 12: Every Day a Little 43:45 Voir
13 Season 1, Espiode 13: Your Fault 43:45 Voir
14 Season 1, Espiode 14: Love Is In the Air 43:45 Voir
15 Season 1, Espiode 15: Impossible 43:45 Voir
16 Season 1, Espiode 16: The Ladies Who Lun 43:45 Voir
17 Season 1, Espiode 17 : There Won't Be Tr 43:45 Voir
18 Season 1, Espiode 18: Children Will List 43:45 Voir
19 Season 1, Espiode 19: Live Alone and Lik 43:45 Voir
20 Season 1, Espiode 20: Fear No More 43:30 Voir
21 Season 1, Espiode 21: Sunday In the Park 43:29 Voir
22 Season 1, Espiode 22: Goodbye for Now 43:45 Voir
23 Season 1, Espiode 23: One Wonderful Day 43:38 Voir
24 Season 2, Episode 1: Next (Premiere) 43:31 Voir
25 Season 2, Episode 2: You Could Drive a P 43:16 Voir
26 Season 2, Episode 3: You'll Never Get Aw 43:28 Voir
27 Season 2, Episode 4: My Heart Belongs to 43:27 Voir
28 Season 2, Episode 5: They Asked Me Why I 43:19 Voir
29 Season 2, Episode 6: I Wish I Could Forg 43:29 Voir
30 Season 2, Episode 7: Color and Light 42:24 Voir
31 Season 2, Episode 8: The Sun Won't Set 43:30 Voir
32 Season 2, Episode 9: That's Good, That's 43:29 Voir
33 Season 2, Episode 10: Coming Home 43:33 Voir
34 Season 2, Episode 11: One More Kiss 43:17 Voir
35 Season 2, Episode 12: We're Gonna Be All 43:32 Voir
36 Season 2, Episode 13: There's Something 43:26 Voir
37 Season 2, Episode 14: Silly People 43:29 Voir
38 Season 2, Episode 15: Thank You So Much 43:30 Voir
39 Season 2, Episode 16: There Is No Other 43:29 Voir
40 Season 2, Episode 17: Could I Leave You? 43:32 Voir
41 Season 2, Episode 18: Everybody Says Don 43:29 Voir
42 Season 2, Episode 19: Don't Look At Me 43:30 Voir
43 Season 2, Episode 20: It Wasn't Meant to 43:32 Voir
44 Season 2, Episode 21: I Know Things Now 43:31 Voir
45 Season 2, Episode 22: No One Is Alone 43:31 Voir
46 Season 2, Episode 23: Remember, Pt. 1 43:30 Voir
47 Season 2, Episode 24: Remember, Pt. 2 43:26 Voir
48 Season 3, Episode 1: Listen to the Rain 43:32 Voir
49 Season 3, Episode 2: It Takes Two 43:26 Voir
50 Season 3, Episode 3: A Weekend In the Co 43:29 Voir

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